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A Unique Craft, From The Mediterranean Olive Grove

Wooden Chess Pieces with Storage
59,97 £
Three Small Wooden Round Plates Set
28,31 £
Five Wooden Shot Glasses Set Online
44,37 £
Wooden Valet Tray
21,25 £
Rustic Wooden Bowl Olive Wood
18,70 £
Wood Spice Jars Boxes Set
30,20 £
Handmade Wood Spatula for Cooking
18,22 £
52,20 £61,56 £
Wood Divided Serving Plate from Tunisia
24,15 £
Wooden Honey Pot for Sale
22,10 £
Handmade Olive Wood Herb Grinder
16,15 £
Olive Wood Rack Holder
59,14 £
Kuksa Cup Handmade Online
19,58 £
Wood Utensils Set Handmade
23,15 £
Handmade Olive Wood Salad Servers
21,35 £
Wood Serving Tray With Handles
48,40 £
1.00 out of 5

The Warmth Of Olive Wood, At The Heart Of Your Home

Rustic Wooden Pestle
30,22 £53,85 £
Elegant Wooden Chessboard
98,34 £
69,62 £145,00 £
Wooden Honey Pot for Sale
22,10 £
Handmade Olive Wood Salad Servers
21,35 £
Huge Salad Wood Bowl
62,00 £350,00 £
Buy Handmade Wooden Spice Rack
67,46 £
59,00 £136,00 £
5.00 out of 5
Wooden Salt Cellar with Spoon
24,65 £
Wooden Chess Sets for Sale
76,22 £146,30 £
5.00 out of 5


I appreciate the site's commitment to sustainability. Knowing that the products are made from a renewable resource gives me peace of mind.
Michael R. Bivens
J. K. Gill Company (Biometrician)
The site offers great deals and promotions. I was able to snag some great items at a discounted price thanks to the site's special offers.
Everett C. Snider
Universal Design Partners
I highly recommend sokrashop.com to anyone in the market for beautiful and high-quality olive wood products. The products are stunning, the customer service is great, and the prices are reasonable.
Elizabeth J. Long
Electric Avenue - Merchant marine officer
The olive wood products sold on sokrashop.com are stunning and of high quality. I have been impressed with the unique patterns and durability of each item.
Helen D. Martinez