What olive tree is best for indoors?

When considering olive trees for indoor cultivation, it’s important to choose a variety that is well-suited to the conditions typically found indoors. Here are a few olive tree cultivars that are known to adapt well to indoor environments:

  1. ‘Arbequina’: This is a popular choice for indoor cultivation due to its compact size and ability to thrive in containers. ‘Arbequina’ olive trees have small, flavorful fruit and can tolerate lower light conditions.
  2. ‘Picholine’: Another suitable variety for indoor growing, ‘Picholine’ olive trees have elongated fruit and a compact growth habit. They can adapt well to indoor conditions and are relatively low maintenance.
  3. ‘Manzanillo’: While ‘Manzanillo’ olive trees are typically larger when grown outdoors, they can still be maintained at a manageable size indoors through regular pruning. This variety produces medium to large fruit and has a high tolerance for indoor conditions.
  4. ‘Koroneiki’: Known for its high oil content, the ‘Koroneiki’ olive tree is a small-sized variety that does well in containers. It can adapt to indoor environments with proper care and lighting.

Remember that olive trees, even those suitable for indoor cultivation, still require specific conditions to thrive. They prefer bright light, preferably several hours of direct sunlight each day, and well-drained soil. Adequate humidity levels, regular watering, and occasional fertilization are also important for their well-being.

It’s worth noting that while these cultivars are often used for indoor olive tree cultivation, they may still require some level of outdoor exposure or supplemental grow lights to ensure their health and productivity.

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